Nothing makes us happier than hearing how much you love reading Woblin and the joy that has been spreading around the world! Here are some of the wonderful comments we have received so far! Don’t forget to follow us on social media to keep up to date with the latest posts, including our feature #WhereIsWoblin. Where Woblin will be next?!

Woblin is a fantastic book! Olivia couldn’t wait to get to school to tell all her friends about it. It’s her favourite bedtime read. We love the illustrations and the message that Woblin sends to children. Ben (Olivia’s dad) and I love it too! I’ve been telling all my friends with children to buy Woblin as it’s got such a positive, kind message
— Olivia, 5. Happily Ever Afters Fairytale Tearoom's Dream big Squad

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Woblin is an uplifting children’s rhyming story with strong moral messages throughout
— Kathy Bailes, The Isle of Thanet News

The Isle of Thanet News published an article on the journey of bringing Woblin to life.

We have read it every night since buying it and Noah was explaining about it all to his Nana the other night. He was telling his Nana that we should always be kind to everyone and to be brave. It is such a beautiful book in its story, message and illustrations. We love reading Woblin every night.
— Noah, 6, and mum Tanya

It’s so sweet, teaching children that it’s not all about outside appearance ... What an important message for children. Growing up is tough, it’s so important that little people realise that we are all different but special and what people look like on the outside doesn’t decide who they are on the inside
— Joshua, 7, with Mum Sarah Jane

I like Woblin because she takes courage for herself. It’s what’s inside that matters - we’re all different but equal. Woblin is funny, kind, brave and smart. Kind is the most important and if you take courage in yourself you will be brave and smart. I like the book. I like reading it to my class.
— Isabel, 7

Woblin is a children’s book about bravery, kindness and being smart the hope of Lauren and Alex when creating it was to reiterate that we don’t have to look, sound or be perfect in this modern day critical world and we should give respect to those who don’t look ‘normal’ as much as do anyone else.
— Dave Martyn, CommunityAd

CommunityAd joined us for Launch Night, and even filmed the speakers, for those who couldn’t make it.